Haiku 89

With luck and fortune You may enjoy all the love That freedom gave you

Haiku 88

It seems a mistake To purchase assault rifles To defend ourselves

Haiku 87

Guitar remembers Tears, bloody fingertips The price of passion

Haiku 86

The liars sick torch Shining its devious beam Only where it suits

Haiku 85

I meant to say That life is so beautiful I pointed at flaws

Next steps

Hi All, hope you are well and enjoying reading and writing your poems and stories. In honour of the release of my debut Chapbook ‘The Round journey’ (available on Amazon now!) I am thinking about a significant upgrade to my website. I would love to hear any comments/ views about any features you particularly like, … Continue reading Next steps

Haiku 84

Awake to dog licks The sting of the cold shower This is the mourning

Haiku 83

We sway like willows Others words are the changing wind Burrow your roots well

Haiku 82

We held our summer Squeezed out the last drops of light The same way we loved


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