Poetry experiment

Hi All,

Hope this post finds you well and enjoying writing a reading poems! For regular followers I have been posting a series of haikus recently which is kind of a fun and quick way to approach poetry. I love the immediacy of it and WordPress is great for adding those quick off the cuff ideas and thoughts. I am always interested in pursuing new ideas however so am going to try a little experiment…

It’s a bit of a challenge to me from you followers – comment on this article with an unusual word or phrase that you have heard recently, maybe something that has stuck in your mind. I will look at all the comments added between now and Friday this week and create a new rhyming poem to share on site!!

If I don’t get any comments – no poem of course but think its worth a try for a bit of fun! Look forward to hearing from you all


2 thoughts on “Poetry experiment”

  1. A favorite term of mine that I’ve used a few times in my own poetry is “susurrus” (or “susurration”), which means “whispering,” as in “the soft susurrus of the waves…” This looks like a fun challenge. Best of luck!


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