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A busy poetry weekend!

Hi All,

It really has been busy this weekend, in fact so much going on that I haven’t posted anything. Poetry stuff has been happening though which is really exciting. The first thing that happened was a guest post on the fabulous Rev Joe Haward’s site. This is actually one of my personal favourite poems, really grateful to Joe for the opportunity. Have a look for my poem ‘People are poems’ on there.

He has guest posts from some really wonderful poets on there too including Arden Hunter, Courtenay S Gray and Kellie Scott-Reed so would highly recommend going over and having a look at

Joe has also created some amazing work and his website is really impressive.

Then to top it all off Roi Faineant press (the pressiest press to have ever been pressed) have a section called ‘petites’ for all those pieces that have been loitering round for a while and never quite forming themselves into a poem. I have a couple of petites in there, something to do with waving Marigolds, maybe one day it will form a poem, who knows? Perhaps a few of these will inspire you to write?

All this alongside, beer festivals, early morning football coaching and general weekend stuff – no wonder the posting fell off the tracks!

By the way, I don’t want people to think that every item I send off to a magazine is successful, far from it. The ‘returned’ list (I prefer returned rather than rejection) is also growing but its just part of the process I think. I’m just focussing on and celebrating the successes.

Enjoy your poetry – till next time


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