dark humour, humour, poems, poetry

#slap party

Dave slapped Steven hard across the face,

He thought about punching him but changed it

To a slap at the last minute,

Phil slapped Dave, no one slaps Steven apart from me he cried,

Steven slapped Phil, they were into that kind of thing

Jodie slapped Steven and Phil, she was gung-ho slappy,

It was the thing that made her happy,

Dave tried to slap Jodie back, but missed and then tried to carry it off as if

He was fixing his hair,

Susan thought about slapping them all,

Tony slapped her – I told you don’t even think,

About slapping anyone tonight!

Ben slapped Tony for being a bit judgy,

Dave started slapping Willy-nilly,

He didn’t like it much,

They all formed a circle of slap,

And applauded each one

Slap, clap, slap, clap

In the morning they were all a bit red faced,

Oscar, late to the party,

Wished he’d given them all a slap

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