A Rebel’s prayer

May you find your family, no matter where in the universe they are,

May you find the power within, you could not know you had,

May you learn from others and teach them well,

May you control the darkness in your soul,

May you know all creatures matter, and we are part of a bigger picture,

May you trust your feelings, not just your senses

May you be an excellent pilot, navigate your destiny,

May you find truth in all versions of events,

May you make peace with your enemies, know their stories

May you know the forests, the deserts, and the icy wastelands of your heart

May your friends come to your rescue at the last minute,

May the force be with you, always

Published by G Turner

Gavin Turner is a poet and writer of short fiction. He lives in North West England. Some of his work is published here on this site and more recently in other journals and publications.

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