So in love I nearly dropped my skateboard

I think her name was Mildred or Mildew,

Maybe that’s just the way that our memories skew,

Either way it always seemed to be raining,

But inside, the sun shined and I wasn’t complaining,

Sat at the bus stop sharing our soggy chips,

I thought about kissing those vinegar lips,

But I didn’t, not once since the day we had met,

A first chance at romance that I could not forget

She was funny and beautiful and rich as well I hear they had

A soda stream, a beta max, Dad drove a Capri Ghia,

They had a satellite dish as big as the death star laser,

But she didn’t let my measly four channels phase her,

They had MTV playing eighties rock,

She was the coolest girl on the flipping block

Way cooler than Extreme duetting on stools

But she wasn’t willing to break any rules so

More than words is all we could have shared

I would have to guess if she really cared

The moments came and passed away

I thought love would arrive on the very next day

maybe shyness or braces, stopped us kissing faces

too embarrassed, and red as my strawberry laces,

It just never happened for some unspoken reason

and love passed us by like a silent season

I wasn’t sad, we never fell out, we’d never even bicker

I’d have given that girl my favourite football sticker

But that didn’t mean I hadn’t felt it

That first confusing emotion

Before the need for Clearasil lotion

Before The Gallagher boys went supersonic,

Before I was spraying on Brut Aquatonic,

I really felt it, love I mean, but just in my head,

And she spent all her time with other lads instead,

You see,

I was so in love I couldn’t express the words,

It was the kind of love that would never be heard,

It was the kind of love you lost of its own accord,

When I was so in love I nearly dropped my skateboard

Published by G Turner

Gavin Turner is a poet and writer of short fiction. He lives in North West England. Some of his work is published here on this site and more recently in other journals and publications.

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