Flat White

The link below takes you to the publication of my latest story – Flat White published with The Furious Gazelle magazine. A delayed train leads to an impromptu visit to a coffee shop and a bizarre turn of events for Mike. Have a look and let me know what you think! https://thefuriousgazelle.com/2023/03/15/flat-white-by-gavin-turner/

Living on a prayer is no basis for a stable relationship

A new thing out yesterday with the very exciting bullshitlit press. When you think too much about a classic song, sometimes a whole new piece falls out of it. Co wrote with Roi Faineant press Kellie scott-reed this piece is a lot of fun. Have a read and enjoy ! https://www.bullshitlit.com/post/a-thing-by-gavin-turner-kellie-scott-reed

How to publish your own chapbook part 2

A Writers Journey I will start with telling you about the book that I did release and explain how I arrived at that collection. It was somewhat unintentional that this would be my first book and my approach was very different to the one I am currently working on.  The Round Journey is a standContinue reading “How to publish your own chapbook part 2”

Last minute Valentine

Roses are dead, and the violets are too, half price at the garage I bought just for you There’s no need to thank me, stop crying, it’s fine, There’s more gifts in the bag, No, I didn’t get wine But Lucozade’s nearly as good as champagne Don’t you agree? What’s that look of disdain? There’sContinue reading “Last minute Valentine”

Free Submissions tracker for budding writers

Hi All, One of the things I hear a lot is people saying they have forgotten about a submission they made, or can’t remember if they have submitted to a publication before or not. Along my writing journey I have put together this tracker to help me manage this. It’s really straight forward with plentyContinue reading “Free Submissions tracker for budding writers”

How to publish your own chapbook

A Writer’s journey I am not new to writing. In fact, in some ways I have been putting stuff together on and off for a long time. Last year I was lucky enough to have my first chapbook published. Whilst this was a really exciting first foray into the world of publishing there was alwaysContinue reading “How to publish your own chapbook”

Analogue IV

Analogue IV Just a second I’d said to my darling,Take as much as you wish she replied,But I wait for no man, she adds with a grin,As her hands swish from side to side She wants more from our time together,Seems to her that I take and don’t give,Her grandfather said the same thing toContinue reading “Analogue IV”

In the dark with Gavin Turner

Hi All, Welcome to the second of my newsletters about the stuff I’m writing and reading at the moment. I will be trying to get these out on a fairly regular basis, but only when I have something to share with you all. As you know the fickle nature of the publishing industry means that,Continue reading “In the dark with Gavin Turner”

Heist the Buller

It was a matter of fact, not opinion, that this was not going at all well. They were now half an hour into the job and still no closer to the prize. Starmy wiped drips from his brow, chucking down the industrial saw in anger. “It’s no good, he huffed. This outer layer looks likeContinue reading “Heist the Buller”