A cold day in Hell

From the diary of Phelan Tweed, Manager of People and Persecutions, Hell Inc I didn’t think this would ever happen at Hell Inc. The fiery furnace is on the blink and with temperatures plummeting like the souls of devious scam callers through our gates the situation has become more and more alarming. We often talkContinue reading “A cold day in Hell”

A creeping sickness

I had been looking over the latest absence figures recently and was shocked to see the percentages have shot up in the past few weeks. I had been trying to put this on Mr B’s radar for a while now. It was so strange how seasonal flu could spread through an organisation so quickly whenContinue reading “A creeping sickness”

Better the devil you know

The diary of Phelan Tweed, HR Manager in Hell Mr B can be a hard taskmaster. Today he advised me that last night two of the horsemen of the apocalypse had lost their steeds on a drunken work night out in Blackpool, Hell on earth you might say. He was in a right mood. YouContinue reading “Better the devil you know”

Hell is other People

Phelan Tweeds diary in HR Hell Let me begin, like so many meetings have before this, with a completely unnecessary round of introductions. My name is Phelan Tweed, People and Persecutions Manager at Hell Inc. I am in charge of the hiring and…. firing, amongst my other duties. I frankly won’t listen to your namesContinue reading “Hell is other People”