How to publish a Chapbook part 3

It’s been a while I know… The last month or so has been a lot of waiting and researching. Mainly because there are some stages of this process that I am not massively comfortable with. The book content itself is now finished. There are a few bits and pieces that I will explain here thatContinue reading “How to publish a Chapbook part 3”

How to publish your own chapbook

A Writer’s journey I am not new to writing. In fact, in some ways I have been putting stuff together on and off for a long time. Last year I was lucky enough to have my first chapbook published. Whilst this was a really exciting first foray into the world of publishing there was alwaysContinue reading “How to publish your own chapbook”

In the dark with Gavin Turner

Hi All, Welcome to the second of my newsletters about the stuff I’m writing and reading at the moment. I will be trying to get these out on a fairly regular basis, but only when I have something to share with you all. As you know the fickle nature of the publishing industry means that,Continue reading “In the dark with Gavin Turner”

A cold day in Hell

From the diary of Phelan Tweed, Manager of People and Persecutions, Hell Inc I didn’t think this would ever happen at Hell Inc. The fiery furnace is on the blink and with temperatures plummeting like the souls of devious scam callers through our gates the situation has become more and more alarming. We often talkContinue reading “A cold day in Hell”

A year in reflection

As we approach the end of 2022 there is an opportunity to reflect on the last year in terms of writing progress. I didn’t set out to be the next Stephen King or JK Rowling. My aims have been much more modest than that. But I also did not impose any limitations on how IContinue reading “A year in reflection”

Triplicated – A Haiku book

Hi All, I have been working on some ways to reorganise the work I have done over the past year or so and noticed that some of the posts, especially the Haikus had some similar themes. I then thought, hey, why not put them into a little book for my followers to read for FREE!!.Continue reading “Triplicated – A Haiku book”

In the Dark with Gavin Turner

Hi All, Hope you are well, enjoying reading, writing and stuff. In between posting poems and short story links on my website and sharing these with you I have been doing a lot of updating and broadening my scope so to speak. I will be doing a monthly newsletter to share what I have beenContinue reading “In the Dark with Gavin Turner”

New Chapbook release date!

I am pleased and proud to announce that my debut chapbook ‘The Round journey’ will be launched on the 17th May 2022. This poetry book is a reflection on the circular journeys of life, nature and history. Many thanks already go to Alien Buddha press and the three amazing writers who provided their lovely commentaryContinue reading “New Chapbook release date!”

A busy poetry weekend!

Hi All, It really has been busy this weekend, in fact so much going on that I haven’t posted anything. Poetry stuff has been happening though which is really exciting. The first thing that happened was a guest post on the fabulous Rev Joe Haward’s site. This is actually one of my personal favourite poems,Continue reading “A busy poetry weekend!”