Last minute Valentine

Roses are dead, and the violets are too, half price at the garage I bought just for you There’s no need to thank me, stop crying, it’s fine, There’s more gifts in the bag, No, I didn’t get wine But Lucozade’s nearly as good as champagne Don’t you agree? What’s that look of disdain? There’sContinue reading “Last minute Valentine”

The Last Dance

This poem is a homage to one of my current favourites, Tarantella by the marvellous Hilaire Belloc (1870 – 1953). It uses the same frame and structure with a distinct reference to more recent events! I listened to the original version, actually sung by Belloc which is very upbeat and jolly, however in my readingContinue reading “The Last Dance”

Poem – Shardenfreude

This poem is an epitaph to the word ‘shard’ commonly considered to be one of the most overused words in poetry – I thought that if I use it as many times as possible in one piece I can close the door on this word forever! She sheds her shards, in a shard of shards,Continue reading “Poem – Shardenfreude”

Poem – The ugliest baby I have ever seen

Out on a walk the other day Minding my business in a minding my business way, Along strolls a mother with a tiny pram, The contents of which was chewing on ham, Now I’m not one to advise on child care per se, Not since the baby kicking incident anyway But, from a distance, itContinue reading “Poem – The ugliest baby I have ever seen”

Poem – The Writer

The writer hunched down, by an ocean of hope And let go of the anchoring rope, seaworthy words, that his spilled soul splashed, into a bottomless trope A launching, without a champagne bottle smash, A ripple bob in a still pond, Poetical dinghies, seeking a home, after dismal days in the beyond Their joyful oldContinue reading “Poem – The Writer”

Poetry challenge complete!!

WELL, didn’t get many responses to this poetry challenge but some really interesting words thrown in from followers which was really inspiring, got me thinking about the process of writing and led to the poem below. Again love to hear your comments and thoughts. I have another idea for a challenge which I will postContinue reading “Poetry challenge complete!!”