Living on a prayer is no basis for a stable relationship

A new thing out yesterday with the very exciting bullshitlit press. When you think too much about a classic song, sometimes a whole new piece falls out of it. Co wrote with Roi Faineant press Kellie scott-reed this piece is a lot of fun. Have a read and enjoy !


Hi All Hope you are enjoying the Winter season! Thought I would share with you that I have just upgraded my free E Book, TRIPLICATED which is now available on this site. Follow the link here and you should be able to download the whole thing. Hope you enjoy it and would love to hearContinue reading “FREE HAIKU BOOK – TRIPLICATED”

The Entertainer

‘Pssssst’ ‘Pssssst’ Rusty Pinkerton peered between the lowered trouser legs of his outdated suit trousers from his porcelain perch in the cubicle. He was hovering slightly. There was a crack in the plastic seat which had the ability to pinch if you were not careful. ‘Psssst, I’m here’ Rusty saw nothing immediately in the brokenContinue reading “The Entertainer”

Exciting times

No poem today but some exciting news! My poem Waving marigolds will be up on Roi faineant press tomorrow which is a really great magazine with excellent editors. Also I am working on an even bigger project which I hope to see released in the near future. Thanks for all the follows. G