So in love I nearly dropped my skateboard

I think her name was Mildred or Mildew, Maybe that’s just the way that our memories skew, Either way it always seemed to be raining, But inside, the sun shined and I wasn’t complaining, Sat at the bus stop sharing our soggy chips, I thought about kissing those vinegar lips, But I didn’t, not onceContinue reading “So in love I nearly dropped my skateboard”

Tell me of the grass

Tell me of the grass on Your side of the fence, That the ground is hard and stony faced That it is withered or wild, untameable Clumped, devoid of moss or feeling Bracken wetted sludge and Sumptuous richness Perhaps you are starving too That there is no land or hope to spare dust swirls theContinue reading “Tell me of the grass”