People are poems

Poems are like people

They have their own rhythms and curves,

Sometimes, they swerve a syllable

Or a whole verse because they don’t feel worthy

of the things that they deserve

Some people are simple, like haikus,

Or have complex feeling they don’t understand

Which means they feel just like you, and are

people you wished you ‘d stopped and listened to

because their Poems got cut short

Some are epic tomes that glisten,

draw you in to hours of joyful, aimless chats, without precision

and they are the best of times because

even when life gets tough, it’s not a prison,

and in your heart of hearts,

you’re glad that you’re still with them

Poems are funny and filthy and

Speak honestly, sometimes with tongue in cheek,

Some are weak, but even those who need help

have special qualities that others seek

Take time to spell it out, don’t let those unsaid lines be the death of you

Be the difference you want to see, make your poem true

Some people are poetically poor but practically perfect in every other way

That is to say,

 I know how it matters to try,

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the poems perspective,

Because it struggles to say what it means,

And thinks, why don’t I just

Explain it in a series of random memes

See, communication is harder than it seems,

But when you’re deep down in the depths of despair,

There’s always someone who’s ready to care,

Without judging or begrudging what you did in your teens,

And it’s not even the way a poem politically leans,

Or how it only likes certain football teams,

That lets a poem exist,

Where once was just dreams

Poems come in families, anthologies of love,

Feeling safe and warm, that no hate can rise above,

There are single stanza poems, and one-liners if you look,

Don’t let them sit alone in sadness on the last page of their book,

Don’t forget them because one day they will be you

Every single person has poetical glue so

Let them in, a poem at its heart

Is a way to keep loves bonds held tight,

Even when they are far apart

Poems are fast and slow and all in between,

some spout hateful words,

abusing others not just to be mean

but to express how much they hurt inside,

because they feel unheard, and unseen

Some are famous and full of joy,

Shall I compare thee to a Summers day, yeah that boy

Poems are people filled with ideas,

They make you use the thing between your ears,

They have a point to make, a journey to follow

And they explain what’s in your heart,

So, the words are never hollow

A poem is free to be and love whatever it chooses,

See a poem has all number of uses,

Poetic justice, poetic license, poetic ending to a rhyme,

But the best thing you can do with poems,

I mean people is,

Give them your time

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