Flat White

The link below takes you to the publication of my latest story – Flat White published with The Furious Gazelle magazine. A delayed train leads to an impromptu visit to a coffee shop and a bizarre turn of events for Mike. Have a look and let me know what you think! https://thefuriousgazelle.com/2023/03/15/flat-white-by-gavin-turner/

Last minute Valentine

Roses are dead, and the violets are too, half price at the garage I bought just for you There’s no need to thank me, stop crying, it’s fine, There’s more gifts in the bag, No, I didn’t get wine But Lucozade’s nearly as good as champagne Don’t you agree? What’s that look of disdain? There’sContinue reading “Last minute Valentine”

Heist the Buller

It was a matter of fact, not opinion, that this was not going at all well. They were now half an hour into the job and still no closer to the prize. Starmy wiped drips from his brow, chucking down the industrial saw in anger. “It’s no good, he huffed. This outer layer looks likeContinue reading “Heist the Buller”

A cold day in Hell

From the diary of Phelan Tweed, Manager of People and Persecutions, Hell Inc I didn’t think this would ever happen at Hell Inc. The fiery furnace is on the blink and with temperatures plummeting like the souls of devious scam callers through our gates the situation has become more and more alarming. We often talkContinue reading “A cold day in Hell”

Interviews with the dead

I awoke early this morning knowing I had to interview some people today for the new post. I don’t think any of them had actually realised they were dead yet.  It is notoriously tricky coming to terms with being a living, breathing entity. I don’t have to tell you all that, after all you areContinue reading “Interviews with the dead”

A Christmas poem

A tangle of wires and musty glued pasta reindeers Tumble without ceremony from the loft hatch, It is still July Christmas started so early this year it was  called late Christmas  or mid Crimbo for its proper title People stand next to pseudo sheds and punt a tenner For a weak lager in a festiveContinue reading “A Christmas poem”