Living on a prayer is no basis for a stable relationship

A new thing out yesterday with the very exciting bullshitlit press. When you think too much about a classic song, sometimes a whole new piece falls out of it. Co wrote with Roi Faineant press Kellie scott-reed this piece is a lot of fun. Have a read and enjoy !

Heist the Buller

It was a matter of fact, not opinion, that this was not going at all well. They were now half an hour into the job and still no closer to the prize. Starmy wiped drips from his brow, chucking down the industrial saw in anger. “It’s no good, he huffed. This outer layer looks likeContinue reading “Heist the Buller”

So in love I nearly dropped my skateboard

I think her name was Mildred or Mildew, Maybe that’s just the way that our memories skew, Either way it always seemed to be raining, But inside, the sun shined and I wasn’t complaining, Sat at the bus stop sharing our soggy chips, I thought about kissing those vinegar lips, But I didn’t, not onceContinue reading “So in love I nearly dropped my skateboard”

Hell is other people – a substack blog

One of my projects away from GT Poems is a new Substack blog I have created. ‘Hell is other people’ is the regular news letter/ diary of Phelan Tweed, Manager for People and Persecutions in Hell. Running a successful HR department can be difficult at the best of times, but HR in Hell is aContinue reading “Hell is other people – a substack blog”

So popular

Ooh, I love a soap opera me, The way the story lines repeat across each other how each character can morph from bad boy to hero at the script writers whim once every ten years, they put together a band Release a Christmas song So popular, soap opera but now they don’t even advertise soapContinue reading “So popular”