A Mouthful of Space dust competition

It’s not long now until my latest book is officially launched. I have just received a bunch of copies and they are looking really great. Some of the poems in the book have been shared on this site (some more than once probably!) and I thought it would be really great to have the opportunityContinue reading “A Mouthful of Space dust competition”

The Writer

The writer hunched down by an ocean of hope And let go of the anchoring rope, seaworthy words that his spilled soul splashed, into a bottomless trope A launching without a champagne bottle smash, A ripple bob in a still pond, Poetical dinghies seeking a home, after dismal days in the beyond Their joyful oldContinue reading “The Writer”

How to publish your own chapbook part 2

A Writers Journey I will start with telling you about the book that I did release and explain how I arrived at that collection. It was somewhat unintentional that this would be my first book and my approach was very different to the one I am currently working on.  The Round Journey is a standContinue reading “How to publish your own chapbook part 2”

Last minute Valentine

Roses are dead, and the violets are too, half price at the garage I bought just for you There’s no need to thank me, stop crying, it’s fine, There’s more gifts in the bag, No, I didn’t get wine But Lucozade’s nearly as good as champagne Don’t you agree? What’s that look of disdain? There’sContinue reading “Last minute Valentine”

Analogue IV

Analogue IV Just a second I’d said to my darling,Take as much as you wish she replied,But I wait for no man, she adds with a grin,As her hands swish from side to side She wants more from our time together,Seems to her that I take and don’t give,Her grandfather said the same thing toContinue reading “Analogue IV”

A year in reflection

As we approach the end of 2022 there is an opportunity to reflect on the last year in terms of writing progress. I didn’t set out to be the next Stephen King or JK Rowling. My aims have been much more modest than that. But I also did not impose any limitations on how IContinue reading “A year in reflection”