The first brush with love
The blush that follows a kiss
A bubble gum sigh

A lovers’ diary
Pages of hot betrayal
Bed sheets turn colder

An apology
Chrysanthemum bouquet
Those difficult words


Secrets and lies


The boiling water
Spreads lies from a broken spout

The tea has been spilled

To keep a secret

First requires some honesty

Then a lack of it

The last letters home

A shortage of honest ink

Dipped into my soul




The smudge of moonlight

A pastel pasted shape shift

On inky canvas

In the soft water

There are the hardest splashes

And the cruellest drip

Abandoned oil

Frames an ugly self portrait

On an ocean scene





Ten weeks too early

The drive into the night

Hoping and praying


As still as statues

We are procrastinating

Awaiting morning

A shuddering chest

Machines bleep and fingers twitch

As I fell in love



Family and friends


To be family

Means tolerance of each other

And to stand up strong


The well chewed dog toy

Lies in the empty basket

The house is silent


Treasure all moments

They are fireflies in bottles

Whose light will decay


Under the stars


We time travellers

Stuck in first gear wandering

Forward, year on year


Moonlit syllables

Became long conversations

Drifting under stars

We were once atoms

Now we shine like beams of light

soon to be atoms


Rise up


Choose your way in life

We all follow different paths

Sometimes they may cross

Some days are empty

Dip in the memory pool

and fill up the void


Stress is a burden

Rest awhile on life’s roadside

Resume your journey




Beware of dark rain

Especially when it falls

Inside your own head


The broken windows

Are intentional damage

When hearts are on fire

In our darkest times

We cannot be sure others

Will provide the light




Always stay humble

You will see how proud men lie

They live beneath you


In the moments heat

All things can be forgotten

Except what matters


It’s narrow minded

To jump on the bandwagon

You’re at life’s crossroads





Make your dreams come true

work hard, educate yourself

the rest is easy


Do not fear to fail

Fear will stop you from living

You should fail to fear


I meant to say

That life is so beautiful

I pointed at flaws




Press my pretty words

Into your wallet or bag

Traveling poet


Writers’ dilemma

Desire for validation

Desire for secrets


The pen is static

Blank pages remain silent

Refusing to touch





Do not trust mirrors

They tell greying lies each day

Cruel lines get old


The empty glasses

Reflecting the things of joy

Your eyes used to see

In seven years

I feel life will get better

One piece at a time





A storm is brewing

Keep a grip on your teacup

And keep yourself safe


This is a wind up

There is no good time for war

Dial back aggression


An occupation

Is how you make a living

Or make a killing




Wood pigeon listens

The forest echoes silence

The eggs become cold


The way a dog lies

As if the torn up bedding

Was not his business


Gang land thuggery

A seagull stealing pizza

Pavement bleeding red





Carry a spare tyre

In case you have a breakdown

or run out of food

Abandoned coffee

A rush to the finish line

Tender carpet burns


I painted the town

But the fact that it was blue

Helped the hangover


Witch, Vampire, Monster


And annoyingly

They were not even my shoes

Said poor Dorothy


Nothing is off the men

Including yourself

Be honest Victor

Who’s the real monster here?

A tricky question





The board creaks louder

With every drunken footstep

A midnight scolding

We were on a break

The evening had no brakes

Now we’re on a break


Not all things in life

Are totally black and white

Stop badgering me




To truly be loved

Do not waste time with people

Adopt a doggy

Love is like treacle

Once you open the old tin

You’re stuck in its grip


Is the world’s way of saying

Get rid of your shit




Cabinet makers

A veneer of happiness

Left upon the shelf

The magic circle

Holidayed in Bermuda

Lost their special wands

The Undertaker

Offers nothing but respect

Then takes you under


Science Fiction


Yoda fell in love

Ewok soon became pregnant

Baby gooseberry

Dalek eviction

There was a struggle to find

Nice bungalows


Neo had doubts

Morpheus reassured him

You are still the one





When we are older

We will fulfil ambitions

Of our youngest years


The empty glasses

Reflecting the things of joy

Your eyes used to see

Your day may be wild

Reflect in the evening

let the dusk settle





Minimal poems

Of nature life and struggle

They call it a hike


The last remaining refuge

Of the troubled soul

What is it out there

That lies beyond my grasp

It’s me, always me










Gavin Turner is a writer and poet from Wigan, England. He has a number of short stories and poems published in Roi Faineant press, Punk Noir Magazine and Void space. His debut Chapbook, The Round Journey was released in May 2022. You can reach him via Twitter @gtpoems

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